Our policy is to do no harm to people and the environment.

SCAN-BILT PTE LTD is committed to adding value to our clients by delivering Product and Service excellence in the construction oil & gas industry. The Company operates Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management System in accordance to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 Standards.

The Top Management and Staff of SCAN – BILT PTE LTD is committed to :

  • Consistently meeting client’s satisfaction through providing a quality product and service excellence.
  •  Ensuring that all our projects are always delivered on time, as specified by our clients.
  • Providing training on QEHS awareness for all employees.
  • Prevent/Eliminate/Minimize/Control risk due to Occupational Health and Safety Hazards.
  • Eliminate/Minimize/Control the pollution & environmental impacts associated with our activities.
  • Comply with all applicable legal and other Requirements.
  • “Stop Work” or “Intervene” to ensure that the identified unsafe condition, act, error, omission, or lack of understanding is stopped and promptly corrected before further work is done.
  • Managing workers welfare, fatigue management and substance abuse in accordance to MOM WSH Act, other subsidiary legislations and regulations.
  • Continual improvement of Quality, Environmental & Occupational Health and safety performance through monitoring and review of set Objectives and Targets.
  • Communicate this Policy to all the person working for or on behalf of SCAN – BILT PTE LTD.
  • Work with the Contractors and Suppliers to embrace the SGSecure movement.
  • Value the Safety and Security of our Employees, Visitors and Customers and mitigate risks, including those posed by terrorism, by preparing our employees and protecting our workplace.
  • Strong Safety Performance that protects the Health, safety and security of its staff, its property and the public from risk of harm, including that arising from terrorism.